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Preventative Maintenance

JB Environmental Engineering Ltd (“JBEE”) can provide any company with a quotation to suit their requirements. We see reliability of test equipment as the number one priority in any industry.

For this important factor to work to its full potential, traceability of records must be completed. We have produced a Preventative Maintenance Contracts record to cover all makes and models of environmental chambers. This method will diagnose the majority of prefailures, thus reducing downtime of equipment and for ongoing projects. A schedule is then provided to the client detailing dates of maintenance completion.

Uniquely, JBEE’s maintenance and service schedules include routine replacement of certain components that are known, by experience, to cause the majority of failures. We introduced this key component replacement method to a large client and, in the first six months of operation, environmental chamber failures reduced by some 55%.

Optionally, we advise all our clients to maintain, on site, a stock of key failure components, either purchased by the client or supplied at a cost from JBEE. This facilitates the speedy replacement of defective parts and minimises downtime. The stock of components are held in a secure spares cupboard and JBEE will monitor these key component stock levels and inform clients of reorder levels.

Callout Repair Service

JB Environmental Engineering recognises the enormous costs associated with the disruption to production caused by the breakdown of key test chambers and equipment. We, therefore, offer a high level of service coupled with our 24 hour response ensuring that breakdown is kept to an absolute minimum timeframe.


JBEE can provide calibration to a UKAS traceable standard. On completion a certificate of calibration is supplied.

24 Hour Callout

High level of service couples withour 24 hour response ensure that breakdown is kept to an absolute minimum timeframe. 

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